Doc Fossil is honored to offer you authentic Trilobites, Mosasaur, Megalodon, and Spinosaur teeth, home decor pieces, Ammonites, fossil corals, and many other Moroccan fossils! We at Doc Fossil value provenance, which is why we guarantee the authenticity of each product and can provide the provenance of its finding. Doc Fossil can be reached at 1635 N. Oracle Rd. during The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and at all other times by appointment only. Over the past thirty years many have sought our expertise in authenticating high grade fossils and meteorites, as well as to enjoy hearing the tales of owner Bill Barker’s extensive experience in Morocco.

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Our Tucson, Arizona
Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Show Location

Open to public late January and Most of February, unless an appointment is made.



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Learn About Fake Fossils, Spinosaurus, Trilobites, Orthocerids, Ammonites, Mosasaurus, Megalodon, Crinoids, and Echinoids!


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