Fake Fossils

The Doc reveals how to spot a real trilobite fossil using a calcite strip.


Here are some examples of replica or fake trilobite fossils.

Here you can see where the paint has rubbed off, a definite sign of a fake.

Fake trilobite fossil plate from morocco
Replica trilobite fossils are found throughout Morocco and other parts of the world. Our fossil experts are here to debunk these commonly passed off as real plates.


Replica Fossils

Starfish fossils from Morroco are commonly passed off as fakes in the fossil market. The Doc shows exactly what to look for and gives comparisons between real and fake fossilized starfish.


Here are some other replica trilobites and starfish.

Replica Fake Trilobite Backside
Many replicas have a backside that tells the tale of what is real and what is not!

Fake Starfish Fossil
Starfish are replicated for many reasons, but it’s the singular, straight arms that give it away, it’s just too perfect…and thus painted!