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This trilobite comes from the genus Dicranurus, and exhibits some remarkably long spines, perfect for creating an impenetrable spiky ball when rolled up for defence. All the spines on this specimen are original, and have been completely removed from the surrounding rock, leaving the trilobite in a striking pose.

While living, this trilobite would have been approximately 68mm long by 84mm wide, including spines up to 40mm long.
The base is 90mm by 90mm, and the entire display is 60mm tall.

Trilobite means “three lobes” referring the three distinct parts distinguished on their bodies. They are among the earliest known arthropods, and were some of the most successful of all early animals, existing for over 270 million years. They are first known in the fossil record from the Early Cambrian (521 million years ago) and went extinct at the end of the Permian about 252 million years ago. Their exoskeleton was readily fossilized, leaving behind an extensive trilobite fossil record of over 17,000 species. This diversity leads trilobite fossils to become some exceptionally beautiful and unusual specimens.

The Trilobites of Morocco are preserved in limestone, which allowed the fossils to be preserved in all 3 dimensions, without the flattening that can sometimes occur with other trilobites. They are extracted from the limestone by breaking open the rock to find a trilobite, and once evidence of one is found, paleo tools and dentists pics are used to remove the limestone while leaving the trilobite behind. Our team of preparers work directly with the Tahiri Museum in Erfoud and are amongst the best trilobite preppers in the world.

This trilobite will be shipped mounted in a plastic storage/protection container to ensure that it arrives to you undamaged. A threaded bolt hole has been fashioned into the bottom to facilitate mounting on either a stand or a shelf.