You can find the Doc at the Sahara Sea Collection located in the Fossil and Mineral Co-Op in Tucson, Arizona. The showroom is open to the public during the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show which occurs each winter, usually in early February.

In the showroom you will find everything from inexpensive gifts and trinkets alongside priceless fossil displays. Wholesale customers are welcome, as well as retail customers, and even those who just want to have a look around are encouraged to do so.


Doc Fossil and Sahara Sea Collection bring to you a vast selection of Moroccan Trilobites, including: Spiny Odontopleuridae, Harpes “Batman”, Two-Tone Paralejurus , Four “Horn” Cyphaspis, Thysanopeltis, Comura, Leonaspis, Proetus, Psychopyge, Drotops, Phacopida, Odontochile, Coltraneia, and many more! These are available during the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show but can also be purchased via our website store. If you are looking to learn more about trilobites, visit our About Trilobite section.


Our showroom offers Nautiloids, Ammonoids: Goniatites, Ceratites, & Ammonites, and Orthocerids. You can purchase these during the fossil and gem show in January and February or buy them from our online store. If you want to learn more about what Cephalopods are, visit our About Cephalopods page.


Doc Fossil’s showroom displays the world’s largest fully assembled Megalodon Jaw (with all three layers of teeth included). Not only is this jaw for sale but so are many Megalodon teeth, in store and at our online shop. You can learn more about our Megalodon Jaw and the history of the world’s largest known shark on our About Megalodons page.


We offer a large assortment of echinoderm fossils, including Crinoids…the “sea lillies” of the past. Our showroom consists of large and small slabs of Crinoids, all of which are available during January and February at the Tucson Fossil and Gem Show. To learn more about these extinct sea lillies, visit our About Crinoids page.


We also offer a variety of Echinoid fossils from the Echinoderm family. These as well are available at our Gem Show location in Tucson. To learn more about Echinoids and other Echinoderms, like brittle-stars, you can visit our About Echinoids page.

Fossil Home Decor

We offer a large variety of home decor pieces for all sorts of needs and events which can be purchased online or at our Tucson showroom.

  • Fossil Pedestals & Columns
  • Wall Art, Chairs, & Stools
  • Sinks, Countertops, & Dining Tables
  • Wine Racks & Bars
  • Coffee & End Tables
  • Plates & Cutlery


And There’s SO MUCH MORE!!